From Chinese Academy of Sciences

Our core members leading Big Data Entrepreneurship are from Chinese Academy of Sciences Big Data Research Team
Technical research on AI, Big Data and New Media for more than ten Years
National team of Chinese Academy Sciences Big Data Studies

宾利娱乐APP下载 Pan media big data intelligent calculating engine

Providing multi-lingual, trans-modal and in-depth semantic big data system, service and solutions for the government, media and enterprises

宾利娱乐APP下载 Providing the technical engine for media change and transformation

Focusing on the big data applications of intelligent media
Focusing on new media big-data and its system development

New Media Big-Data Platform
Providing data service and big data solutions for the government, media and enterprises in one stop
Media Convergence Visualized Analysis System
Supporting the intelligent platform solution featured by multi-origin data convergence, big screen data visualization and software/hardware combination
Monitoring and Evaluating System
Providing dynamic and quantitative service for media propagation monitoring and enterprise advertising solutions
Semantic Text Analysis Package
Providing more than 20 intelligent semantic analysis packages and the total solution
Decision Report Service
Providing specialized and in-depth decision report service for the government, media and enterprises
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